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Support FC

There are plenty of ways people can support the Freedom Centre!

Donations are always welcomeDonations (monetary, in-kind, books/movies for our library etc.) help us to fund extra projects or provide for parts of our services that otherwise go under-funded. Donations can be allocated for a purpose by the donor if they choose. Call us today at the WA AIDS Council on (08) 9482 0000 / (08) 9228 0354 or click here to donate online to us now via PayPal through the WA AIDS Council. Make sure you enter 'Freedom Centre' in the Purpose box. 
All donations over $2 are tax deductable. Thank you for your support.



Help us get our info out there!Information resources can be sent out to displays in workplace information areas to help us provide information about sexuality and gender to the WA community. Trainings can also be provided to professionals working with youth so they are aware of how to provide services safely and inclusively for LGBTI young people. Contact us to get info or training.


Become an FC Volunteer!Volunteering is essential for FC to provide its services. I f you are 18 – 26 and want to volunteer, check out our Volunteer page and contact us!

Thanks for supporting FC!!